YouTube shots monetization 2022 | Earn $1000

YouTube Short Video Monetization earn $1000 per month from youtube short videos, In the past days, many of us know that you can earn thousands or lakhs of rupees every month from YouTube. According to the channel status, many of us know this news. Then a few days ago, we came to know that a new platform called YouTube Short has come, through which you can earn money by uploading small videos like TikTok. Many of us found out that it can be done.

However, the income from those small videos could be earned by getting rewards that were given by TikTok a few days ago in the same way that it was given by YouTube, but now some new news has come from YouTube. To everyone’s delight, YouTube short videos can now be monetized like YouTube long videos.

Now maybe many people are smiling after hearing this because now many people are making short videos if they have a smartphone in their hand. Although the system of monetizing Tik Tok videos and earning money has been launched in many countries, this system has not yet been launched in most countries, but YouTube short videos are now available. The money that can be earned by monetization has been informed by YouTube.

But in this case, there are some rules that only if you follow them, you will get the opportunity to earn money by monetizing the short videos of YouTube.
Until now, two types of videos were allowed to be monetized by YouTube, firstly, YouTube big videos, secondly, money could be earned through YouTube Live, from now on YouTube authorities have brought an update to earn money by monetizing the YouTube short platform, from now on, video creators can earn several times more than before. You will get a chance because in addition to big videos, now you can make small videos and earn money through monetization.

The first update that came from YouTube authorities is that from now on, while watching YouTube videos through YouTube TV, the videos can be shared on any social media just like on mobile.

The second update brought by YouTube is that like Facebook, Metavas technology is going to come to YouTube, although this technology will initially be given 3D features through gaming channels, later it will be slowly opened to everyone because now many people want to keep up with the times. Technology-institutions do not want to be left behind in this regard, YouTube is going to introduce this new technology.

The third update that has been mentioned is that from now the makers can apply to any company for adding ads to the channel videos. Until now, different companies used to find channel owners and give ads for different products. Now YouTube video makers can request advertising company owners. to give ed.

The fourth update that has been brought by YouTube is that from now Super Chat service will be available on YouTube Short platform from which video makers can generate revenue.

The fifth update that has been brought by YouTube is that from now on YouTube short videos as well as the products of various companies will be made available, which can be made separately from the viewers if they buy them.

Now many people may ask how much money can be earned by making YouTube short videos? It is not possible to be specific about this, but if your videos are of good quality, then the more views you get on the YouTube shorts platform, the more income you can earn.

But it is good to say that the updates have not been launched yet, the YouTube authorities have said that the updates are going to come on the YouTube short platform.

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