What must be done before deleting Facebook account ?

Facebook has now become such a medium for us that it is difficult to stay away from it. You can find any topic you like on Facebook. But sometimes Facebook can also lose its appeal. Then many users want to close or delete their Facebook account. There are many reasons why users may want to close their Facebook account.

But whatever the reason, it is very important to do at least these eight things before closing your Facebook account which we will discuss in this post. So let’s know what is important to do before closing Facebook account.

1. Tell your loved ones

You may want to delete your Facebook account for various reasons, but it is important to inform your friends beforehand. Start by telling your closest friends that you are deleting your Facebook account. You can share it in any group where your friends are. Many also inform by giving status so that everyone in his friend list is aware. You can also share via video message if you prefer

By communicating your decision in this way, friends will not worry about you unnecessarily and can use other options to communicate with you if necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the close people before deleting the Facebook account.

2. Preserving useful media

On Facebook we regularly upload pictures or videos to keep memories of daily life. So they become very important part of our life. That which is most intimately connected with your life should be preserved. To save any photo, open the photo on Facebook and click on the 3 dots button in the upper right corner, you will get the option called ‘Save Photo’ through which you can download the photo to your phone. If you want to download videos from Facebook, you need to take the help of various Facebook video downloader apps.

But you can save all your Facebook media files to Google Photos if you want. You can do this from the ‘Import Media’ option of the Google Photos app. Besides, if you use a PC, you can also download videos using IDM or other downloader software.

3. Deciding on Messenger app

When Facebook first launched, Facebook and Messenger were two services. But now there are two separate services. That is, even if you delete the Facebook account, the messenger will not be deleted because the messenger will keep your ID separately. So you have to decide whether to turn off Facebook or keep Messenger on. If you don’t want to keep the messenger running, you have to delete the messenger separately. For this you can follow the instructions below:

Open Messenger and tap your profile picture on the top left.

Go to ‘Account Settings’ option.

Select ‘Manage Account’ from the ‘Personal Information’ option.

Here you will see the option named ‘Deactivate’. Select it.

Messenger will then ask for your password to confirm account deactivation. Submitting it will also terminate your Messenger account.

4. Page admin change

If you have a page of your own, deleting your account may also affect it. If you are the only admin of your page, your page will become unpublished as soon as your account is deleted. That is, the page will not be seen by anyone else. All likes and followers of the page will be lost.

So if you want to keep your page on Facebook even after account deletion, select a new admin of the page. By doing this, if your account is deleted, all control of the page will be transferred to him and he can move the page forward.

5. Edit or delete groups

As with Pages, any groups you create can be deleted when you delete your account. So if you are the only admin in a group you have created and you think that deleting this group may cause problems for other members of the group, then you need to select a new admin. The new admin can keep the group active and you can safely delete your Facebook account.

6. If there is a business on Facebook, it should be organized

Facebook has become one of the medium of business nowadays. Many businessmen are doing business through Facebook. Facebook has launched its feature called Marketplace for this. If you are such a business, then you need to clear your Facebook business before deleting your ID.

A lot of customer transactions and trust relationship can be developed with you from Facebook. Therefore, if you want to close the business, all transactions must be settled. Then up

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