What is SEO? How to do Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO: One of the most important elements for any website is its organic traffic and the most important source of organic traffic is search engines. And SEO plays the most important role in ranking any website in search engines.

Many people create their own blogs or websites. But they don’t have proper information about SEO. What is SEO and how to do SEO? Many consider only building backlinks as SEO, which is half-assed.

Until we have complete knowledge of what SEO is, we keep working on half-baked SEO strategies and we don’t get our desired results. As a result, we are disappointed.

Do you know how many blogs are published on the Internet per day? You will be surprised to know that more than 20 lakh blogs are published every day on WordPress alone and if we talk about other blogging platforms then this number is very difficult to estimate.

If we talk about just one article, then millions of blogs write one article at a time. Out of which only a few blogs come up in Google search. Which is only 0.0005% of the total blogs publishing an article a day.

That means 99.99% of blogs do not even appear in Google’s top 100 blogs list. And the only reason for this is SEO.

If you want to make a career in blogging then you must read this topic very seriously. Because you cannot survive in this line unless you have complete knowledge about SEO.

Today we will know in this article what is SEO? What is SEO and how to do SEO? So first of all we will know what is full form of SEO. Then we will discuss in detail about Seo.

SEO Full Form and SEO Meaning

The full form of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”. Which means “making any internet content search engine friendly”.

What is SEO?

SEO Definition : It is a technique by which we optimize any article or website for higher rank in search engines. That is, through this technique we make any blog post compatible with search engine algorithms. So that the post written by us is at the top of any blog or website search engine.

What is SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a practice through which we can increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to any website. We can think of it as exercise. Because it’s not something you do once and it’s done. Regular SEO must be done to bring any website to HIGHER RANK in GOOGLE SEARCH.

And we all know that the website which is in the 1st position of the search engine alone gets 50% of the total search traffic of the search engine. Which is enough to make any website popular.

This search engine can be Google, Yahoo or Bing. When we talk about internet search engine, the first name that comes to our mind is Google. Because this search engine is most used all over the world.

So all SEO EXPERTs do SEO of their blogs according to Google Algorithm. Next, we will talk about these algorithmic factors, which by optimizing we will know how to bring our blog to the first page of Google. First of all, now know how SEO works?

How does SEO work?

Knowing how SEO works is very important. Because until we know about this we will not understand exactly what SEO is. To know how SEO works, we first need to understand how search engines work. Only then will we know how SEO works?

How do search engines work?

Friends, to understand how search engine works we first need to understand the basics of search engine. So let’s first understand…

What is a search engine? We all know that search engine is a search machine. But when we talk about the factor of SEO then we will know that search engine is an answer machine (Answer Machine). Which shows the answer to any user’s query through the website in the form of result.

There are many factors or ranking factors responsible for the ranking of these pages. These are what we know as algorithms. Each search engine has its own different algorithm. But there are some basics that are the same for every search engine.

The more a website is compatible with this algorithm, the higher the position of that website or page in search engines. What are these ranking factors? We will know about it briefly. Before that we will know about seo keywords. Then we will know about the ranking factor.

What are keywords in SEO:

Friends, when we search something in Google it is called KEYWORD in SEO language. For example, when someone searches “What is SEO” on Google. So SEO is a question here for common man but a word in SEO language.

Always use long tail keywords. Because people only use short term keywords when searching. People don’t use grammar when searching. So one should use more keywords in one keyword and always take keywords which are compatible with your content.

10 Google Algorithm Factors to Rank High in Search Engines

Many factors play a role in getting a website to the top of search engines. But I will try to give you an idea of the most important basics for any website here. The following factors play the most important role for SEO of any website. So let us know about these basic SEO factors.

Content: The most important thing for any website or blog is its content. The information about the content should be full and thorough and the writing style should also be simple and attractive. Write quality content and content length should be at least 1000 words.

Freshness: Whatever you write, write on time. Keep updating old information. Because everything changes with time. So, keep your blog or article innovative and try to keep blogs updated regularly.

Backlinks: Backlinks are the backbone of any website. Quality and relevant backlinks are most important. Relevant means similar to the niche on your site. Therefore, try to build a backlink from a website similar to your website. Read backlinks from here.

Mobile Friendly (Mobile First): Internet is mostly used through mobile these days. So your website should be mobile friendly. So that the user does not have to face any kind of problem from the interface of the website. This acts as one of the main ranking factors.

Page Speed: If your website loading time is high, then any user will leave your website. If users leave quickly, your site’s bounce rate will also increase, which is a negative point for any website. So page speed should be good and page load time should be at least 3 seconds.

Schema code: This is very important for local SEO. What is local SEO, we will know about the different types of SEO below. If you are thinking about how to rank high in Google then it is important for you to know about local SEO. Schema markup code makes phone numbers, addresses, etc. easier for search engines, especially in local SEO.

Social Signals: It is very helpful to increase the reputation of any website and it also increases the rank of your website. Be active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc and share your products or content with people.

Domain Power: Here domain power means domain authority as well as domain niche. Choose a domain related to your product or blog. For example, suppose you want to create a blog on insurance, then you need to take the domain of the keyword related to it. This works as a plus point.

HTTPS: According to the Google Webmaster Central blog, HTTPS is one of the official ranking factors. Therefore, make sure to use SSL on any website. It has a trusting effect on the user and also conforms to the algorithmic rules.

User Experience: Its meaning is very clear. What is your overall experience with a website when you visit it? That’s why it’s so important to keep your site’s user experience tick. If the website is not to your liking or to your convenience, you may not want to visit that site again. There are many factors that depend on user experience.

Here are the Top 10 Google Algorithm Factors to Rank Higher in Search Engines Now let’s know the types of Seo.

What are the types of SEO? How to do SEO?

By now you know what SEO is and how it works? Now let’s talk about the types of SEO ie how many types of SEO are there or how many types of SEO?

There are many types of SEO. Now you must be thinking that if you have read or heard about On Page and Off Page SEO till now, then how am I talking about the many types of SEO.

According to the Internet Business Module, the SEO sector has expanded a lot these days. While on-page and off-page were under the basic SEO category, local SEO and voice search SEO are becoming very competitive in today’s market.

Today here we will learn about 4 types of SEO. They are:

1. On Page SEO

2. Op Page SEO

3. Local SEO and

4. Voice Search SEO

So first you need to know…

On Page SEO

On page SEO technique is very important for any website. With this technique we optimize the content and keywords of our website or blog and tell the search engine that the user’s search query is answered here. Simply put, on-page SEO is the changes you make to your site that positively affect its performance.

At On Page SEO we make our blog search friendly and follow all the topics that any search engine prioritizes for higher rankings. Above I have told you about top 10 Google Algorithm factors to rank higher in search engine.

Among which many factors come only in on-page SEO such as content, page speed, user experience, mobile first and SSL etc. There are also other topics under On-Page SEO. We will know where to do them on-page SEO.

How to do on-page SEO?

We just learned that what is On Page SEO? And when it comes to on-page SEO we must first know about all the factors responsible for on-page SEO. And those factors are – Title Tag, Post URL, Internal Linking, ALT Tag, Content Heading, Content and Keywords. .

I have already told you about the top 10 Google algorithm factors including content, page speed, user experience, mobile first and SSL. Hence it will not be relevant to mention it again here. Now know about ON PAGE factors except those 10.

Content Heading: Whenever we write an article the first thing that is used is the content heading. The title should be such that the user is attracted to read the article and is compatible with your selected keywords

POST URL: Then comes the URL. The URL should be SEO friendly and should match your keywords and content title. So that the search engine can quickly understand your page.

Content must be completely unique and no copy-pasting. Complete information should be written in simple language, so that it is easy for the user to understand. Also, the content should be such that people share it on social media. You can also get a social signal.

Keywords: This is the most important part of SEO and is a friendly way to attract any search engine. We can call it the filter of the whole content. That is, a keyword is the thing that makes the whole article’s hard work successful.

Make your keywords search engine friendly and use keywords in articles in a balanced proportion. Avoid too many or too few key word options. The content should be written in such a way that the words used are similar to the article. Here I am giving you information about what SEO is.

Internal Linking: Internal linking is very important for on-page SEO. With this we optimize our keywords and highlight other pages by linking them. It is very useful to link those pages in internal linking, which defines the content we write more accurately.

ALT TAG: We use ALT TAG in content images. With the ALT TAG we define any image and tell the search engine that the above image is in context. This helps determine your content and helps search engines understand the context of your content

The better your on-page SEO, the more search engines will prioritize you. You can use on page SEO to grow your business. Now know what is off-page SEO and how to do off-page SEO?

What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO relies on external factors that affect your site’s performance. You can control on-page SEO but you can’t control the response you get from off-SEO. This is the second main reason to increase your search engine ranking.

And the most important part of it is social media sharing. You will get many benefits like if you shared your website on Facebook. Social sharing is in your hands but you can’t control the reaction you get on it. This method not only promotes your website but also gets more traffic.

There are many other things that come under Off Page SEO. Which is briefly described below. By following which you can increase your site’s search engine ranking.

How to do Off Page SEO?

There are many practices in off page SEO through which you can increase website traffic. It’s more a matter of practice than pages. Because many things are out of your control.

Site Submission: Submit your website to all search engines the right way.

Social Sharing: Share your website or article on as many social networking websites as possible.

Social Bookmarking : Submit your website or blog to websites with social bookmarking

Directory Submission: Submit your website to high authority directories.

Questions and Answers: Be active on a website that answers questions. Give a reference to your website when asking or answering questions.

Comments: Please leave your links in the comments to other websites related to your NICHE.

Profile Backlinks: Make sure to build profile backlinks and give more importance to high DA websites.

Guest Posting: Guest posting is a good strategy for off page SEO. Don’t forget to backlink your stuff via guest posts on the website.

Forum Posting: Join forums and tell people about your product or service.

What is Local SEO:

If you want to spread your business locally through the internet, then you should focus on local SEO. It can be easy or very difficult depending on the situation. It depends on the competition at the local level.

This SEO strategy helps you focus on using strategies that help you reach local customers. This is a great way to get more traffic and customers for your business.

How to do local SEO?

As told you earlier it mainly depends on the competition. The quality of your product should be excellent.

Create your business page in BUSINESS DIRECTORY and add a link to your website.

Share information about your product and its content by creating your page on social media.

Promote your website on free classifieds websites.

Also, there are many other strategies that are useful in local SEO. Keep studying and practicing together.

Voice Search SEO

Voice SEO is a new technique of SEO optimization. which is used to search content based on voice. In terms of popularity, this technology is expected to improve further in the future. Alexa and Google Assistant are one of the more recent examples.

How to do voice search SEO?

Voice SEO uses all those factors that are used for any content. The title, description of the topic on which you will create the voice content should be in SEO format so that it is known what the content of that audio is.

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

The SEO technique that I have talked about so far is White Hat SEO. Now I will tell you about Black hat SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO?

“Black Hat SEO” refers to the tactics and techniques, which spam or trick search engines to rank any website or article. With this technique any article or website can be ranked faster than white hat SEO.

This is a risky strategy. If detected, your website may be de-indexed or listed as a spam website by any search engine. Which can be very painful for some.

Any sane person would want to stay away from such technology. Use this technology only if you want to promote your content for a short period of time.

Last words:

Hope friends, you must have liked this information about what is SEO and how to do it. In this article I have tried to give complete information about how to do SEO. If you have any query related to SEO then you can ask in comments. thank you

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