What is like a cloud in the middle of the sky in Turkey?

Last Thursday morning in the sky of Tursa city, a rare sight on the chest of the driver. There was a big cloud in the sky like a big round cloud. At a glance, it may seem like a cloud. He shared the picture of the flight in that area on social media. At first glance, a cloud of clouds may appear to be an ‘unidentified flying object’ (UFO). In Turkey, there are nothing but strange round clouds, the explanation of the sky.

According to The Guardian, the residents of the Turkish city of Busa are in the sky, the plaque is a cloud of historical knowledge. It was about an hour in the sky. The camera captured this strange scene. Netizens said it was an alien UFO. A video of the moving political social media. The video shows a large spherical cloud in the sky. Cloudy cloud constellations can also be thought of as Yu. It was seen at sunset. To show in any shape other than round shape.
According to the Turkish Situation Office, it is a cat, which is a lenticular cloud.

Laticular clouds are known for their curved, flying saucer-like appearance, which can be seen between two and four thousand meters high, the Guardian reported. In the language of ecology, usually such clouds are seen in the sky the next day to rain. Increases humidity in the air.
According to a report, such clouds are often seen in winter. At other times it is less common. The air is calm and moist so clouds form. Such clouds are rapidly moved by turbulent air from the distance of normal mountains.

Lavra says, it is less space. So it can be seen as rare. A cloud that also indicates a storm. This type of cloud also takes form.

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