‘Impersonate’ Twitter accounts will be terminated without prior notice

Twitter’s ‘impersonated’ and ‘fake’ accounts will be permanently terminated without any prior notice.

On Sunday (November 6), the owner of social media and Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed this information.

In a recent tweet, Elon Musk wrote, Twitter used to send warning messages to users before closing an account. But now as the account verification is going on, no advance message will be sent to anyone and none of that
He said, as a condition of signing up for Twitter Blue, one must go through the verification process. Even the slightest change in your name can cause you to temporarily lose your verified checkmark.

On Saturday, the Apple Store was updated on Twitter, where users have to pay eight US dollars, in Bangladeshi taka, a little over 800 taka (one dollar = 100.32 taka) to get the blue verification mark.

Elon, who will also serve as CEO of Tesla as well as Twitter, said last month that Twitter would form a content moderation council to bring together diverse perspectives. No action will be taken against any content or banning of anyone’s account without the decision of said council.

Regarding banned accounts, Musk said last week that suspended accounts will not be reinstated until there is a proper process to reactivate the accounts. It will take at least a few more weeks to create such a process.

The most famous banned user of Twitter is former US President Donald Trump. Twitter officials said Tuesday (Nov. 8) it may be too late to begin the process of bringing Trump back to Twitter in time for the midterm elections.

Earlier on Sunday (November 6), the New York Times reported that Twitter was delaying adding new services and verification symbols for the US midterm elections.

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