Twitter is spreading false information worldwide: Biden

US President Joe Biden said Elon Musk has bought a social media platform that is spreading false information worldwide. Local time on Friday (November 4) at the Democrats’ fundraiser in Chicago.

Biden said, “What we’re all worried about right now is that Elon Musk’s bought Twitter is giving false information around the world about layoffs and internal management.” The organization no longer has an editor in America. How can we expect our children to understand the dangers of freedom of expression on Twitter?

On the same day after Biden’s comments, White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre told reporters that Biden emphasized taking action against hate speech and the spread of misinformation.

He also said that the issue that Biden emphasized is applicable to any other social media including Twitter, Facebook, where there is an opportunity to spread false information.

Twitter authorities laid off half of Twitter’s staff on Friday. Biden claims Twitter misrepresented that a small number of employees were fired due to declining advertising revenue, to suppress rumors and to moderate content.

Before becoming the owner, Elon Musk promised to save Twitter from major disaster and restore users’ freedom of speech. But big advertisers have been wary of Elon’s dominance over the company for months. After Elon Musk took ownership, giants such as carmakers Volkswagen, General Motors, Audi, food maker General Mills and drugmaker Pfizer stopped advertising on Twitter.

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