Trump said he can stop the war in Ukraine within 24 hours

Former US President Donald Trump has claimed that he can stop the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine within 24 hours. He claimed this on the social media site Truth Social last Thursday. News of the Independent
Trump himself founded Truth Social. There he wrote, ‘If I were the president, the Russia-Ukraine war would never have stopped. And if I am still president, I can stop this terrible and rapidly escalating war within 24 hours through negotiations. How pitifully people’s lives are wasted!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump released another video message on Friday. Referring to the threat of nuclear attack by Russia, he said in the video that foreign powers are now openly using the word nuclear attack. This means that they are not giving any respect to the leadership of the United States (President Joe Biden). No one has given them permission to use this word. And when he was president, no one talked about nuclear attacks.
In the video, the former US president also talked about the consequences of a world war in the future. In his words, World War III will be more disastrous than any other war. After this war began, it would seem that the First and Second World Wars were very short. “The best way to ensure that such a war never happens is to be prepared with technology and power that no one can counter.”

At this time, Trump said about the protection of the United States from enemy attacks, when he becomes the head of state, he will build a next-generation air defense system like Israel’s “Iron Dome”. The United States must maintain an air defense system that is “impregnable” to protect its people.
Israel is having great success using Iron Dome to prevent enemy attacks in the air. This air defense system can detect enemy rockets or missiles and destroy them in the air. It can be said about last Thursday night. On that day, two rockets were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Later, it was said by Israel that those rockets were destroyed by the Iron Dome system.

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