The Crystal Crown: A Great Mystery of the Maya Civilization

Do you remember the famous film director Stephen Spielberg’s movie ‘Indiana Jones’? An episode of this famous film was made about the recovery of the ‘Crystal Karoti’. The main character of the film is an archeologist. The character is said to be based on the life of a real-life archaeologist named Mitchell Hedges. After seeing the film, many people are very curious. For those who have a keen interest in archeology and ancient mysteries, ‘Crystal Coroti’ is the name of an unknown mystery, which scientists and researchers are endlessly trying to solve. But has this mystery really been solved? To know that, we have to understand what is the matter of ‘crystal crown’? Why is it a strange puzzle name to the people of the western world?
The crystal crown is a unique mystery shrouded artifact of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. The Maya and the Aztecs were the first two ancient civilizations in the world to record crystal crowns. According to the ancient priests and gnostic scholars of the Maya civilization, the fate of the human race is determined within the 13 crystal crowns. According to some, the crown contains some great spiritual power, through which everything from the beginning to the end of creation is recorded.

According to ancient Maya legend, the thirteen crystal crowns have great powers. According to the legend, a chakra is completed by placing the 12 crystal crowns in a particular position and placing the main crown in between them. This cycle will find the ghosts of the human race and all the unknown mysteries of the future. Will search for eternal truth. Those 13 crowns are hidden underground in different parts of the world. Today I will tell you the story of the rescue operation of such a crystal crown. In 1927, English archaeologist Albert Mitchell Hedges went out to find the mystery of this crystal crown. Hedges was a strange man. He was a fairy tale bookworm since childhood. All fairy tales attracted him strongly. He also believed the stories. He believed that legends of continents lost under the sea and Atlantis really once existed on the surface of the earth. And in his youth he studied archeology and prepared himself to take it up as a profession. When he began his career as an archaeologist, Hedges still had all the myths and associated characters playing in his mind.
Later this profession appeared like an addiction in his life. He believed in all the myths about the Maya. Hedges becomes involved in the search for such a myth made of crystal crowns. He believed that there was some connection between the Maya civilization and Atlantis in the distant past. In search of the secret of the crystal crown, he, along with his adopted eight-year-old daughter Anna, went out with a large group to all unknown destinations.

Finally he and his team arrived in a forest in Honduras. Many called the place ‘Ruins of Lubbatun’. It was also widely known as the ‘fallen stone city’. According to various archeologists, this was the wandering ground of the Maya, the unique pilgrimage site of the Maya civilization. The digging continued for three years. Despite digging for so many years, Hedges did not see much success. Day by day, the light of hope gradually began to fade for Hedges’s team. Frustration and frustration led to work stoppages.
After a few days like this, suddenly one day while digging, Hedges’ daughter Anna noticed a strange skull. From a distance, it will seem like the skull of a dead person is lying under the ground. But as Anna approached, her assumption proved wrong. It turned out to be a crystal stone crown of proof size. As a result, chaos broke out between Hedges and his team. And just a few days after this incident, a jaw bone matching the skull was also found from another place.
Hedges and his forces plowed the entire area with renewed enthusiasm. And as a result of this search, various signs of pre-Columbian civilization began to be discovered one after another. Thus many archaeologists were surprised to find a perfect crystal crown from under the ground. They began to believe in the truth of the strange prophecies made by the Mayans.

Then one crystal crown after another started to be recovered. Several other crystal crowns were found in Mexico, Texas, Guatemala. As a result, both fear and imagination started to increase around this incident. Some archaeologists have dismissed the matter as a hoax. According to them, such crowns can never be created naturally. They believe that some archeologists are doing this with malicious intent to mislead people and put themselves in the limelight. As a result, a strong rivalry developed between the two parties. Between the statements of the archaeologists who are recovering these crowns and the opinions of the skeptics, a strong debate has started about whose statement is correct.

Later, not only the crystal coronet, but purple colored amethyst stone and pink colored rose crystal coronet were also available. The question arose, naturally or how is such a perfect crown created?

The mystery deepens when Hedges and his team find two pieces of crystal rock that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle between the jawbone and the skull. At first sight of this crystal crown with jawbone, many people say, it is a whole skull. Many, including Hedges and his daughter Anna, believe that this crystal crown is not a Mayan creation, but more ancient. The Mayans acquired this crown from some other source. Many, including Ana, believe that this crown was created by a civilization from another planet outside the world, which is older than the Maya and Aztec civilizations and in many ways advanced. They had vast knowledge of cosmological matters including astronomy. Later, Mayan scholars used this crystal crown to accurately predict many astronomical events and as the main tool for their calendars based on planets and stars. The Maya believed that their ancestors came from the stars.
However, this discovery gave rise to many controversies in the archaeological circles at that time. No one can say for sure how and for what purpose these coronets are made. The crystal crown discovered by Hedges is believed by many to have spiritual powers. Many people have expressed different opinions about these mysterious powers. Various stories have been made about the mysterious role of this karoti. But is the crown discovered by Hedges really the wealth of the Mayans, or the manipulation of Hedges and his team? And what is the source of Karoti’s strange powers? If not, keep that story for the next episode.

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