The ban is lifting, Trump can return to Facebook-Instagram

Former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are being unbanned. The parent company of the two social media, Meta Inc., said this in a statement last Tuesday local time in the United States. Two years ago, Trump was banned by Facebook authorities for inciting attacks on the US Capitol building.

In a statement, Nick Clegg, president of global affairs at Mater, said, ‘In a few weeks we will be reactivating Donald Trump’s suspended accounts on Facebook and Instagram. However, measures will be taken to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

Nick Clegg also said that if Donald Trump again acts against the policies of Facebook and Instagram, his account may be banned for two years.
However, even though Meta has announced the lifting of the ban, it is not known when Donald Trump will return to Facebook and Instagram. His representatives did not say anything about this. Trump has announced that he will fight in the next presidential election of the United States next year.

But earlier Trump criticized Facebook, saying the social media lost billions of dollars in profits by banning his account.

On January 6, 2021, Trump’s fanatical supporters attacked the Capitol building in Washington, the capital of the United States. Allegedly, Trump used social media to instigate this attack. Trump was banned from Facebook and Instagram the day after the attack. At that time, Facebook authorities said that this is Trump’s highest punishment for violating their policies.

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