Tales of the Jedi Review

Animation has established to be a superb vehicle for Star Wars to explore its universe, likewise as those antecedently much-maligned prequel years, and Tales of the Jedi is another robust entry into that inheritance. Is it fully essential Star Wars viewing? Not very, no, however it’s a cooked and fantastically animated war 2 necessary characters: Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku.

Tales of the Jedi’s bite-sized entries, all of that vary between fifteen and twenty minutes, split their focus between Ahsoka and Dooku evenly; apparently, if you’re looking at them within the order during which Disney+ lists them, it starts with Ahsoka as a baby, then shifts to 3 episodes regarding Dooku, then moves back to Ahsoka. although there isn’t a simple throughline among the stories told – they’re all anthology-style standalones happening at varied crucial moments in every character’s life – you’ll be able to build some parallels between the 2 central characters if you dig deeper and there’s a not-so-subtle feeling that that’s the purpose, particularly once it involves Dooku’s considerations regarding the Jedi Order, one thing we all know Ahsoka eventually leaves.
For the foremost half, Tales of the Jedi creator and general Star Wars animation mastermind Dave Filoni doesn’t deem spectacle. That’s to not say there isn’t action; “Practice Makes good,” that focuses on Ahsoka’s Padawan coaching, is heavier on that than others, Associate in Nursingd there’s an exciting climax within the final episode “Resolve.” But, for the foremost half, this is often Star Wars leaning into its moody and broody aspect, that makes the fights hit more durable, particularly within the Dooku episodes. “The Sith Lord” is that the best example of this, build up to an excellent little bit of unostentatious however impactful action. the entire endeavor is tightly written while not feeling a shade bit rush, despite the short runtimes – Filoni is aware of, at now, the way to from atmosphere and build tension while not artefact runtimes to spare lengths.
In specific, Dooku’s episodes give some intriguing insight into however he became the Sith Lord that we all know nowadays, however they don’t veer too way into unreal sympathy for the guy. As way as Ahsoka goes, the primary episode, “Life and Death,” provides North American country some background regarding her home planet and her early showings of Jedi ways that, however otherwise, they’re principally longer spent with the Togruta that we all know and love at totally different points in her life. But hey, that’s ne’er a nasty factor, and if you’re thirstily awaiting her live-action Disney+ series, it’s a decent thanks to whet your craving.To that finish, Ashley Eckstein makes a welcome come back to recapitulate her Clone Wars role, and Corey Burton (who antecedently voiced Cad nemesis within the Clone Wars) will some solid, minatory work as Dooku. however the $64000 star is that the animation; it’s the simplest a non-live-action Star War story has ever looked, notably within the lush, colourful landscapes in each “Life and Death” and “Resolve,” that square measure nearly distractingly stunning. It’s all unbelievably polished, feeling like simply a shade stepped-up from the animation of The Clone Wars.

And whereas the stories square measure fast very little morsels, they don’t want they’re for newcomers. Tales of the Jedi is unquestionably created for those who’ve already been won over by Star Wars’ animated stories, however that’s not essentially some extent against it. Fan service isn’t, in and of itself, a nasty factor, particularly once it’s this glibly done. Plus, if you haven’t already watched The Clone Wars, you must most likely get on it.Verdict
Tales of the Jedi could be a robust, tightly written showcase for 2 necessary characters in Star Wars lore: Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano. Dooku specially gets a decent quantity of meat supplemental to his character’s bones, whereas the opposite episodes feature a welcome explore Ahsoka at totally different points in her life. It’s moody and organized occasionally, whereas still managing to weave in some superbly animated action. it should not be fully important Star Wars content, however there square measure actually worse ways that to go back these characters before Ahsoka gets her own series.

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