Pele is dead, CNN’s tweet!

The American television channel CNN did not cause the disaster. Jalyanth ‘killed’ a man. He is also like no one else. Brazilian football legend Pele. Yes, the fake news of Pele’s recent death was indeed published on CNN’s Twitter account.

A program called ‘New Day’ is broadcast on CNN every Saturday and Sunday morning. This information was revealed on the morning of the 28th from the Twitter account of the show. The news that shook the world, ‘Brazil’s former footballer Pele has died at the age of 74.’

A black-and-white photo of the Brazilian legend was also included. After a while, however, CNN realized their mistake.

Removed the news. Another tweet lamented, “Pale’s rep told CNN he is alive and well.” We have removed our previous erroneous tweet on this matter. We apologize for this mistake.

Not only is Pele not well or healthy, he was active on Twitter on the morning of the 28th. Reported the news of air travel with Cristiano Ronaldo. He also posted a video of his new advertisement with the Portuguese star.

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