I Hate Suzie Too review: Flack haunt this astounding show

I Hate Suzie Too review – Amy Winehouse and Caroline Flack haunt this astounding show

My God. If you thought the beginning of I Hate Suzie was claustrophobic, simply wait till you see the beginning of I Hate Suzie Too (Sky Atlantic). It options a one-take shot that’s primarily a fright in televisual kind. Suzie, created up sort of a clown and sporting a silver bow therefore big it’s nearer to a straitjacket, is trailed on backstage corridors of a TV studio by the Trinity of nightmare entourages: agent, publicist, production assistant. They harass, chivvy, cajole, blandish and break the news that the tell-all by her revengeful man, Cob, has simply gone on-line. Suzie sweats, swears, tries to detach her mic, and gets a pretend cilium stuck on her initial ex-husband’s gold diamante jacket. Welcome to the anti-Christmas special our savagely misogynistic culture deserves.

It’s comeback time. after we last saw Suzie (Billie Piper) she was screaming “Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” in an exceedingly gas station upon discovering she was pregnant. Her wedding and career looked as if it would be over. Six months on, she is saltation for clicks (and her life) on a grubby talent show known as Dance Crazee national holiday. that falls in an exceedingly dark opening somewhere between Strictly, Love Island and also the fifth, sixth and seventh rings of Dante’s hell. that ar Anger, Heresy, and Violence. i do know this currently. you ought to see my Google search history since looking this almighty Beelzebub of a show. rather like the glorious initial series, the visionary pair of Australopithecus afarensis Prebble and Billie Piper take U.S.A. to dark places. Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Carolean Flack and Amber detected ar the ghosts haunting this Christmas horror story.

Bausch’s dancers. Paul Roberts, UN agency worked with Piper once she was a baby star within the 90s, is to blame for the exceptional choreography. Here, dance functions as a radical id-space wherever Suzie will escape the jail society designed for her the instant she entered the business and simply relinquishing. It’s terribly lovely, exhilarating and unhappy. and he or she still gets voted off within the initial week. as a result of everybody hates Suzie.

If something, I Hate Suzie Too goes even additional than the primary series. It’s even weirder. Angrier. Sadder. rather like its antiheroine. within the initial episode Suzie has associate degree at-home abortion. She takes the pills, spreads a towel on the bed and waits for the clots to come back. A revelatory sequence follows during which she repeatedly goes to the rest room to vary her sanitary towel. She rips off one bloody pad. Sticks on another. Flushes the rest room. Over and once again. In I Hate Suzie Too, sure noises ar amplified. typically it’s Suzie’s phone, or the creak of the significant picket door at her lawyer’s workplace as she tries to barter obtaining her son Frank for Christmas. Here, it’s the mundane audio recording to associate degree abortion which will be acquainted to numerous ample girls. I’ve ne’er seen something love it on screen before.

But there ar screaming moments too. like once Suzie’s fierce new agent city (Anastasia Hille) shows her some toe-curling early VT from Dance Crazee and asks what word springs to mind. “Teeth?” replies Suzie. Meanwhile, the dynamic between her and (now ex) agent Naomi Jones (Leila Farzad) continues to be the important central relationship of the show. There’s a beautiful scene during which they meet in an exceedingly bar once months of estrangement and, once deceit to 1 another (and themselves) that they’re not drinking, find yourself obtaining destroyed and setting the planet to rights in an exceedingly series of bars, rest room cubicles and dancefloors.

Elsewhere, the comedy is nearer to a skewer twisted into the gut. “Oh, have we tend to reached the go fuck yourself stage?” asks city throughout another of their torturing crisis talks. “Mind if we tend to bypass that and go straight to apologising as a result of you’ve hit very cheap with Pete Doherty in Haemulon album and somebody recorded you spoken language one thing regarding Islam that was taken fully out of context … ” Or, when Suzie, in response to her amiable man Bailey (Douglas Hodge) tells her: “Easy for you to say: you’re a musician. you’ll flee with something. Like James Bowie will fuck youngsters and everyone’s like, oh, it’s Bowie. Even I’m like that!”

There is virtually obscurity I Hate Suzie Too won’t go. Like its antiheroine, UN agency is monstrous in some ways however conjointly cherubic, relatable and real, it’s fully fearless. it’s conjointly unbearably nerve-racking to observe, and also the scenes between Suzie and Frank ar ineffably unhappy. If something, the genre this supposed comedy drama most lurches towards is horror, and also the denouement of episode 2 – during which Suzie, compelled by a howl of pain, cuts off her freshly bleached hair – was therefore distressing I couldn’t sleep for hours. this is often what proportion this show crawls below the skin. I Hate Suzie Too may be a tour DE force, during which Piper, once again, provides the performance of a life.

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