How to monetize YouTube channel?

Nowadays earning money through YouTube has become very popular. Now thousands of people are earning money through YouTube. Now if you are thinking about earning from YouTube then first of all you need to know about YouTube channel monetization.

In fact, the main point of earning money through YouTube is to monetize the videos uploaded on the YouTube channel. Now if you think what is YouTube channel monetization? And how do YouTube channel monetization?

So, don’t worry because today I am going to explain you all the details through this article. However, before starting YouTube channel monetization, you need to know more about this.

There are some important terms and conditions that you need to follow to monetize YouTube videos. That’s why you have to follow all their terms and conditions to make income through monetization. But, don’t worry I will discuss the whole thing in detail below.
What is Youtube Channel Monetization? (What is YouTube channel monetization)
Your YouTube channel has a special feature called “monetization”. When you turn on this monetization option, ads will be shown on all videos on your YouTube channel.

You will be paid some money by YouTube against the ads shown on your videos. That’s why YouTube monetization is a process through which, you allow YouTube to show ads on your channel’s videos.

When you allow YouTube to view ads, Google will show ads from its advertising partners on your videos. Google will keep 45% of the amount of advertising money shown in your videos, and the remaining 55% will be given to you through Google AdSense account.
After the money earned from your YouTube channel is deposited in the Google AdSense account, you can withdraw it through the bank account. However, before applying for YouTube channel monetization, you should know the new rules and conditions of YouTube well.
Hopefully, you can easily understand what is YouTube channel monetization (What is YouTube channel monetization in bangla).

Rules to Enable YouTube Channel Monetization
A few years ago monetization for any YouTube channel was simple and common. Means any YouTube channel was allowed for video monetization.

But, it is not possible to start monetization so easily in 2021. You have to apply according to YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Those terms are,
Your YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
4000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months must be from all videos on your channel.
They have to work on the channel according to YouTube’s policies & guidelines.
You can’t upload someone else’s video to the channel below.
Then you understand the rules of monetization in YouTube videos.

How to apply YouTube monetization?
If you have a question in your mind, how to monetize YouTube channel, or how to apply for monetization? Then it has a MAA process.

If your “YouTube channel monetization” has reached 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in the last 1 year, then apply for video monetization by following the steps below. (How to enable YouTube monetization in bangla)

How to apply for YouTube channel monetization
First login your YouTube channel. Now you go to the dashboard of studio YouTube or YouTube studio. If you click on the YouTube channel icon, you will see the option called studio YouTube or YouTube studio.

Now click on $ Monetization option among the options on the left side of studio YouTube. Here you can see total subscribe and watch time. You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 video watch hours. If you have them, you will see a button called Apply Now.

Process to Apply for Monetization
After clicking Apply now you will see 3 separate steps.

Review partner program terms
Signup from Google AdSense
Get reviewed
Complete these 3 steps one by one to submit your channel for review. After reviewing the channel, if YouTube deems your video eligible to display ads, they will enable “YouTube Channel Monetization”.
First you have to accept the YouTube partner program terms.

Click on the start link below.
Read the program terms and agreements carefully.
Now click on I accept YouTube partner program terms box and select it.
At the end click on accept terms button.
Your first step has been completed successfully. You will see Done here.
Coming to the second option, you will see the Start link / button.
After clicking on Start link you will be asked to redirect to Google AdSense website.
If you don’t have an AdSense account before, select the No I don’t have an existing account option and click on the continue button.
Now you will be taken to AdSense website.
Before going to AdSense website you will be asked to login Gmail account for signup. And you will be taken to the homepage.

Select your country from the select your county & territory option from the homepage.
After clicking on the create account link, you will be asked to provide address details.
After clicking on the submit button with the correct address, the YouTube channel will be added to the channel monetization option.
Step 2 from YouTube monetization page is successfully completed. Now you will see Done text.
However, Google and YouTube may take more than 72 hours to link your channel.
Step-3: Get reviewed
You don’t need to do much for step number 3.

Your channel will be reviewed by YouTube.
If everything is OK then monetization of YouTube channel will be enabled.
Ads will be shown on your channel’s videos.
As a result you can earn money from videos.
Adsense information will be emailed to you.
So you understand that you have to apply for YouTube channel monetization. Hope you understand easily. The second step in the process of applying Monetization is a bit more difficult. Because, here you have to register new Google AdSense to link to your channel.

Why does YouTube give us money?
A question may come to many minds why YouTube gives us money? The answer to this question is very simple. Actually YouTube is a service of Google.

In addition to this, Google has another service called Google ads. Anyone who creates an account on this Google ads pays Google for marketing or promoting their business, product, service, website, video, etc. through the Internet.
And by taking money from Google advertisers, Google shows their product / business ads in our videos through YouTube. In contrast, Google keeps 45% of the money taken from advertisers and the remaining 55% is given to us.

If Google or YouTube didn’t give us money then none of us would have gone through the trouble of making videos and uploading them to YouTube channels. YouTube or Google gives us money so that YouTube video creator has passion and taste to earn money.

Moreover, if YouTube creators stop making videos, it will become very difficult for Google advertisers to show ads. And if there was no video, then the advertisement would not be shown, so how can Google earn its own money?

What did we learn today?
So, friends today we learned how to monetize YouTube channel? Hope you like this article written by me on YouTube channel monetization. And if there is any question related to this article then comment below. And share with friends if you like.

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