How did the world valentine’s day ?

February 14 is Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated worldwide as Valentine’s Day. Lovers-lovers, friends, husband-wife, mother-child, student-teacher, and other related people express their love to each other on this day.

Today, this day is celebrated all over the world with great festivities. On this day, parks and recreation centers are filled with lovers. On this day of Valentine’s Day, everyone gifts flowers and various things to their loved ones. World Valentine’s Day was not celebrated globally until a few years ago.

This day was limited to the United States or Western society. Today, the day is celebrated with great joy in countries across the world. In ancient Rome, February 14 was a holiday in honor of Juno, queen of the Roman gods. Juno was believed to be the goddess of women and love.

According to some, this is the reason why February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Others say that Roman Emperor Claudius banned marriage in the country in 200 AD. He announced that from today no young man can get married. Only war is for the youth.

According to him, if young people get married, who will fight? A young man protested the unjust declaration of Emperor Claudius. whose name is Valentine. The emperor was furious at the protest of this brave young man. He was sentenced to death as a punishment for treason. His head was cut off in the early hours of February 14. Since then, this day has been celebrated as Valentine’s Day to commemorate Valentine’s sacrifice for love.
But this too is not universally accepted. There is disagreement here too.

According to some, there was a physician named Valentine in ancient Rome. He was very kind to his patients. As sick people find it difficult to take medicine, he used to mix bitter medicine with wine, milk or honey. The doctor converted to Christianity.

Christianity was not at all popular in ancient Rome. Believers in this religion were punished. One day a Roman jailer brought his blind daughter to Valentine for treatment. Valentine promised he would treat her as best he could. While the girl was being treated, suddenly Roman soldiers arrived and tied Valentine up.

Valentine realized that he would be killed for being a Christian. Valentine was executed by order of the Roman Emperor Claudius in 269 AD or, according to some, on February 14, 270 AD. Earlier, Valentine had left a note to the blind girl saying goodbye. After killing her, the Kara chief gave the note to the girl.

It was written, From your Valentine. The girl could see the wonderful colors of the yellow spring flowers inside the note because Valentine’s treatment had already restored sight in the girl’s blind eyes. For these feats of love, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as Valentine’s Day in 496 AD. Since then, people have been celebrating this day as Valentine’s Day.

There are quite a few different opinions about the origin of Valentine’s Day. People of this opinion say that Valentine has nothing to do with sending messages of love to loved ones.

In ancient times, people believed that February 14 is the wedding day of birds. Birds lay eggs in the second week of the second month of the year. Others say that at the end of the Middle Ages, people believed that the mating season of birds began from this day. Birds find mates. Seeing the birds, people also choose their partners on this day.

Although Valentine’s Day originated in 496 AD, it did not spread much throughout the world at first. In the case of the West, the issue of enjoyment is important in all birthday celebrations and religious festivals.

So they do not refrain from drinking inside the church. In 1776, the French government banned Valentine’s Day, accusing it of destroying the Christian spirit due to Valentine’s Day. The ruling Puritans in England also once administratively banned the celebration of this day. Besides, this day was rejected by the people and the government at different times in Austria, Hungary and Germany.

Nowadays, the importance of Valentine’s Day has increased tremendously. Currently in the West this festival is celebrated in grand style. People in UK and USA spend about billions of dollars on this day.

People buy cards, flowers, chocolates and other gift items for Valentine’s Day. About 30 million greeting cards are exchanged on this day in the United States.
This day is now known as a major day due to its massive publicity and attraction.

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