Here’s Why You Can Buy the Steam Deck

If you are a person, who makes a lot of investments in gaming, then you must do so carefully. After all, with the innumerable options of gaming these days, making an investment does require some time. Any gamer would love investing in a way that gaming gives an end result that matters to them.

Considering the steam deck has got many advantages of its own. It gives competition to the Nintendo Switch in many ways. Although both devices look quite the same, Nintendo Switch comes as less powerful than the brand new Steam Deck. No offence to the Switch, but we must also keep in mind that these two devices are meant for two different platforms. Naturally, they would appear different from each other. But when you compare basic computing strength, the Steam Deck reigns supreme.

In order to know the reasons for this statement, we need to dig deep and find out what Steam Deck can really offer us and why we need to get one of them.

Steam Deck: Why You Can Order One?

The Steam Deck is a gaming device. But it is a handheld gaming device. This is what you are going to consider at the first look at it. But, the more you will know about it, the more surprised you will get. The Steam Deck is basically a handheld gaming PC. Yes, it is a handheld gaming PC and it has all the games you have in your Steam Library. You can call it a Linux-powered device, which runs Windows games as efficiently as your gaming PC/ Laptop. What’s more? You can plug it in with your desktop or TV Monitor using a dock.

Due to being a gaming PC in the handheld style, the Steam Deck costs almost two and a half times more than the Nintendo Switch. This is why you need to think about finances a little before making your purchase. If you want to buy it and you need money now in the UK urgently without compromising your savings; then choose a personal loan from a direct lender.

With that being said, here are some of the reasons you can buy a Steam Deck:

  1. It Is Surprisingly Portable for a Gaming PC

You might think about how it is possible for a gaming PC to be handheld. Yes, handheld video games exist. But the concept of a gaming PC in a handheld way is literally amazing. The Steam Deck has made it possible by including premium-quality hardware and sophisticated engineering all in that small device that you can pack in your bags.

Just like other handheld gaming devices or consoles, the Steam Deck comes with a 7-inch screen and an attractive display that focuses on attention to detail. Of course, it has got traditional joysticks and fire buttons. But along with that, you get two sensory touchpads for allowing mouse movement. This is a bonus with this device.

You can easily carry it if your pockets are a bit large in size. Otherwise, it can easily slide into your satchel or a small bag. You do not have to worry about bringing your bulky laptop bag just because you want to game.

  • You Will Love the Specs of this Handheld Gaming Device (or Laptop?)

It is true that the Steam Deck packs in quite a good hardware backup. To begin with, the screen comes with a 7-inch IPS LCD display. In this size, the deck promises you a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which is a little more than the standard HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). But the thing is this resolution for a 7-inch screen looks surprisingly good when gaming because you get all the details clearly visible. Added to that, you don’t need to worry about battery backup since the resolution is ‘comforting’ on the CPU to process the games. You get a refresh rate of 60 Hz with the display.

Speaking of the CPU, we can reveal that the Steam Deck has an AMD processor. It is a quad-core processor with an eight-thread Zen 2 CPU. For the GPU, you have got the RDNA 2. The CPU can push up to 448 GFlops with the GPU going for 1.6 TFlops. Both these processors work following the architecture of Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs from AMD.

The Deck has 64 GB storage on SSD. But you can go for purchasing the increased versions such as  256GB or 512GB. You can also expand the memory with the external SD card slot.

  • Connectivity Is Great for Gaming on Different Devices

For charging the device, you can use the USB C port and connectivity. You will get a wall adapter to plug it in and charge the device. The USB C port can work compatibly with almost any device. You also get a headphone jack to plug in your earphones or headphones while gaming. You can output audio and video with the help of Display Port 1.4. if you are inquisitive, you will also find the device can manage to plug into additional ports in order to allow HDMI output.

One downside in gamers’ experiences was the lack of more USB ports. If you want to connect the device to a TV or monitor, then it becomes very difficult for one dock to make the move. As a solution, you can buy an external dock or settle for purchasing the official Steam Deck Dock from manufacturer Valve.

But we do have some good news about connecting other peripherals to the device. Because of a dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can now connect the device to an external gamepad; a mouse or a keyboard.

To Conclude

The manufacturer Valve has made it clear that the Steam Deck is going to work as a long-term device for you. It has its reasons though. You can access hardware in the Steam Deck more intensively in order to fix the device (if need be). You can buy parts for the device as Valve has officially made it a service for its customers. This will give you an edge in gaming.

All of this goodness is not going to be very affordable. Chances are you are thinking the same thing now. In case you are suffering money issues, such as poor income or bad credit, then select a money loan for bad credit with no broker. You can buy the device now and pay later at your comfort.

Description: The Steam deck is a handheld gaming console that’s giving good competition to the Nintendo Switch. Learn what it is and why you need to get one for yourself. 

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