Google Adsense approval. YouTube Monetization 2022

YouTube Monetization – Google AdSense Approval to be done. YouTube Monetization 2022 One of the ways to earn through YouTube videos from Bangladesh is YouTube Monetization which is done through Google AdSense. How it is done will be explained in detail in the article. This is an article on the topic of demand for many people who want to know how to earn from YouTube in 2022. But the first thing to know is YouTube monetization basically? Let’s know..

What is YouTube Monetization?
This is a special feature of YouTube through which you can earn by uploading videos on YouTube. Simply put, monetization acts as a permission. Basically, this permission is required to start showing ads on YouTube videos. What are the conditions of YouTube monetization will be discussed in detail in the below steps.

After YouTube monetization, the videos uploaded to your channel will show ads in the field. You must create and apply a Google AdSense account to display ads. If your YouTube channel gets approval to show ads, Google will show their ads between your channel’s videos.
Google will keep 45% of the ad revenue and 55% will be given to you. The amount can be withdrawn from the Google Adsense account. The money can be withdrawn through direct bank transfer from Bangladesh.

If you don’t understand about YouTube channel monetization, now look at the conditions associated with it.

YouTube Monetization Terms
There was a time when YouTube channel monetization didn’t require much effort. Easily, if there were some video channels, ads would be shown in them. But as time goes by things are getting harder and harder.
In fact it would be wrong to say difficult if you maintain the rules and work. If your niche is such that Google can’t or won’t be profitable enough to show ads to your channel from its ad basket, you may find it difficult to turn monetization on.

But if you follow the complete guidelines then the matter will become very easy. But take a look at what all the new rules or conditions have been approved by YouTube to launch its monetization program.

Subscribe: Your YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. Below this you cannot apply for monetization.
Watchtime: Watchtime is how long people are watching the videos on your channel. In this case, a minimum watchtime of 4000 hours will be required to turn on monetization. YouTube has set a time limit of 12 months or one year. You can apply for monetization if you complete the watchtime within one year.
Videos uploaded to YouTube cannot be copied in any way. YouTube has specifically highlighted that videos that are not already on YouTube cannot be uploaded to your channel and promoted.
In most of the cases it is seen that YouTube videos have copyright issue due to the sound, so music that is not copyright free can never be used.
Also, check out the YouTube policy and guidelines on YouTube’s support page because you have to follow all those rules.
Rules for turning on YouTube channel monetization
If you have already met the above conditions, you are ready to start YouTube’s monetization program. All the steps to be taken at this stage are mentioned one by one.
1) First of all, you need to come to the YouTube channel dashboard, find the option called Youtube Studio and click on it. Now a new dashboard will be brought.

2) Take a good look at the options on the left side of the new dashboard. There is an option called Monetization with dollar sign, click on that option.

3) At this stage another new page will appear where your total number of subscribers and watch time will be noted. If the conditions have been fulfilled according to your conditions, then an Apply Now button will appear below, click on that. 4) Now another page will open. Here you will see 3 important options which are:

Review partner program terms
Sign Up for Google Adsense
Get Reviewed
Basically, by completing these three steps, the YouTube monetization application will be completed. If YouTube and Google’s AdSense policy deems your YouTube channel ready to show ads, it will be approved and start showing ads on your videos.

Assuming you are new and don’t have much idea about this, below is explained step by step how to submit channel for monetization by completing these three steps correctly. Step 1: Review Partner Program Terms
This is the first step, where you have to read all the terms of YouTube and accept them. You must try to read the rules, it will not harm you except gain. After reading and agreeing to all terms, click on the tick mark and click OK. Next, when you are shown the text Done, you will think that your first and easiest step is complete. Now the 2nd step.

Step 2: Sign Up for Google Adsense
At this stage you need to create Google AdSense account and link it to YouTube monetization channel. You will be redirected to the Google AdSense website for that task.
It is good to say here that only one Google AdSense can be created from one IP, device, information. In this case, if you already have a Google AdSense account, you can use it for YouTube monetization. If not, click on Create a New Account.

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