Gold mines were found in Madinah

Gold mines have been found in the Madinah region of Saudi Arabia. Along with gold mines, copper mines have also been found. The Saudi authorities announced this news. According to the Saudi government, gold and copper mines have been discovered in at least four places in the Medina region. The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) and Survey and
According to the Mineral Exploration Center, the location of the gold mine is in the Ummal-Barak Hejaz slope Abal-Raha border in the Madina region. Gulf News, citing the Saudi Press Agency, reported that copper mines were discovered in four places in the Al-Madiq area of ​​the Wadi Al-Fara region of Madina. It is the mineral scattered there

The discovery of these new mines is expected to further accelerate investment in Saudi Arabia. Thirteen Saudi and foreign companies are actively seeking to obtain a license for the Ummal-Damar mining site located in the Medina region. Last month, the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources announced in an announcement that the government has given initial approval to 13 bidders for the Ummal-Damar mining license. The Ummal-Damar site covers an area of ​​over 40 square kilometers and is believed to contain large deposits of copper, zinc, gold and silver.

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