Everything you should know about Urine Culture Test

Urine culture is a type of test to identify the bacteria or germs in the urine that can cause urinary tract infections. When the Doctor prescribes a private urine culture test near me, that means he or she found something suspicious or symptoms in the body. Private GP London Can be the best option as a regular health care provider for private urine test UK. The urinary tract contains the bladder, kidneys and ureters, and urethra. Generally, the infection starts in the bladder after it spreads throughout the system.

The main symptom of this infection is that you will feel a burning inside at the time of pee. On the other hand, you may feel like you need to go for a pee, but very little or nothing comes out. Sometimes you may suffer from fever or belly pain. That indicates severe infection inside the urinary tract.

What to do?

You are given a cup to collect your urine. It sounds simple. But hygiene needs to be maintained while collecting the urine sample. Because collecting the sample unhygienically will not help the lab technicians identify the actual germs or bacteria in the urine. Here is a step-by-step process of collecting urine for  blood and urine test near me:

  • First of all, you need to wash your hands properly with soap or hand wash so that they should not be any chance of bacteria present in your hand.

  • Next, you need to wipe out the peeing area with the cleaning pad provided along with the urine collection cup. For men, you should wipe the tip of the penis, and for women, you need to spread the outer lips of your vagina and clean both the front and back sides. This will help disinfect the other germs.

  • Pee a little in the toilet and then hold it. After that, use the cup to collect one or two ounces of urine. Make sure the cup does not get in touch with your skin. Once the urine is collected, finish the rest in the toilet. Make sure you need to catch the midstream of your urine. The maximum number of germs and bacteria will remain in the midstream.

  • Now that the urine has been collected, close the cup and wash your hands once again with soap or hand wash.

In some cases, the urine needs to be collected using a catheter. But that is the job of a health worker. A catheter is a thin tube that is inserted into your urethra till the bladder. Generally, for bedridden patients catheter is used to collect a urine sample for private urine test UK.

The Next Step

The next step is to submit the urine samples to the healthcare lab. The drops of your urine are kept in a petri dish by the lab experts and stored at body temperature for a few days. During this time, if bacteria, germs, or yeast are present inside the sample, it starts growing and multiplying.

The lab scientist takes your urine sample under the microscope to see the type of germs. Based on the size, color, and shape, they are able to identify germs or bacteria. Also, the worker notes down the growth rate.

For a true infection, single types of bacteria or germs generally dominate during the storage timeline. Based on that, the lab worker identifies that particular germ and creates the report. If they found any harmful germ dominating the fluid, then the report comes as positive. Otherwise, it comes as negative.

In most cases, the lab technicians find e-coli bacteria for urinary tract infections. These bacteria generally live in the human intestines. Based on the report of the lab technician, the doctors or medical practitioners choose the drugs to fight that infection.

Results and Further Actions

The laboratory of a blood and urine test near me will give you the report of the urine culture within three days. As mentioned earlier, it is time to take the test. What’s the report is generated by the lab expert it will be handed over to the doctor. If the report comes positive, you have an infection in your urinary tract. Based on the severity of the infection the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to fight against those bad bacteria or germs present inside the urinary system. In most cases, the infection goes away with simple antibiotics.

For women, sexual intercourse increases the risk of urinary tract infection. Sexually active women or sex workers suffer most from urinary infections. Aged people who also suffer from this disease too and fro. Older men with enlarged prostate have a higher risk.

It is very important to take medicine exactly in time when the doctor prescribes you. Also, do not neglect these kinds of diseases, as urinary tract infections spread to the kidneys and mark permanent damage.

Worth Noting

Hence going through a regular private urine culture test near me is very important for every person especially women. Whenever you need such consultation or tests to be done, just contact a private GP London and they will give you the best resolution to restore your health condition. The lab technicians and doctors are highly trained and have experience in this field. Hence do not waste your time as this is a serious matter. Contact Private GP London and go to the best private urine test UK. Taking an appointment here is a piece of cake. You can also choose the timing and duration of the appointment on your own as per your feasible time. Always keep in mind that neglecting such serious issues may cause fatal damage in the future.

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