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Already Google has numerous articles on YouTube video category. But in the article I discuss your best 0 YouTube video categories, which you can work with 5 a category today. Some unique categories have to be discussed that are never mentioned before or by someone who is a leader.
50 Best YouTube Video Category Ideas

  1. Tech Review : Choosing the right category to earn more visitors from YouTube Secure. And right in the tech review category. Because this category video AdSense gives good CPC. Which results in more revenue for business visitors as well.
  2. Addition of Education: When we can’t discuss any discussion in book or git then we can search that lesson well on youtube and solve it. If you are about your writing then you can visit this category.
  3. Gadget Review: You can discuss all the new gadgets that come in the market daily. You can also do affiliate modding of those products.
  4. Earning Videos: Daily New Earning Apps and Websites You can actually create reviews of those apps or websites. You will get commission from those apps or websites you join with your referral link.
  5. Check out Blogging: This category is best suited for people who love to travel. On the one hand, your income will go towards enjoying sightseeing.
  6. Gaming preferences video: People who play games or acquire gaming systems can work with gaming rigs.
  7. Mobile Review: Mobile companies are making new mobiles. You can make all those mobile review videos.
  8. Myogic secret.
  9. Feed Review: You can create review videos of various delicious foods.
  10. Coking Videos: This category will be the most political for the men’s environment.
  11. App Review Countless Videos: People don’t know about the app in favorite storage. You can find all those apps and create videos.
  12. Outsourcing Videos: Create videos on freelancing or outsourcing topics.
  13. Movie Review Videos: Can create new movie real or full movie review videos.
  14. Albums of songs: Can create videos of albums of favorite songs to sing songs.
  15. Health Tips Channel: You can create videos on various health tips.
  16. Cartoon Videos: Children’s pride cartoon videos can make all ryu videos.
  17. Ennation: Character University can create cartoons or animated videos using Center Characters.

List of YouTube channel categories Bengali

  1. Funny Videos: Roasting is also a type of funny video. You can use different funny characters in roasting video yourself.
  2. Funny BDO: Create funny videos with voice and editing.
  3. Funny BDO: Can make funny videos like drama.
  4. Helper Videos: Can create Helper Videos like Freemotion.
  5. News Video: News video is growing very fast. So you can work with news related videos. You should never create slideshow videos to work with news related content. Because slide show videos don’t offer YouTube monetization. Create your Voyage or Face Pass video.
  6. Trending Videos: You can create videos with new trending news.

24 Art Channel : You don’t use Bangla voice to work with this category sometimes. You will use your video copyright free music.

  1. Edit: Different types of videos go viral on TikTok or other social videos. You can do all those viral video editing tutorials.
  2. Dance Channel: You can make dance videos.
  3. Kids Channel: Can work with video content that kids like to watch.
  4. Talking Tom/Cat: Talking Tom, Gog, Pet etc. organization characters. You can work on the content yourself.
  5. Children’s Toys Channel: Can work on various children’s toy products. You can do this through Google Adsense and affiliate modding.
  6. Kids Tips Channel: Kids can work with various tips.
  7. Women’s Health Channel: Can work on various health related tips.
  8. Home Work Channel: You can work on various health practices at home.
  9. Sports news: Can work with various sports news updates.
  10. Unboxing Channel: Can work on various product unboxing reviews.
  11. Challenge: Grow in a very secretive time
  12. Interview Videos: Can work on different types of interviews or people’s lives.
  13. Prank Videos: Can work with prank calls or videos.
  14. Animal Secret: Animals can deal with different things.
  15. Motivation video: can work on motivation.
  16. Life Hack Videos: Can work with different types of life hack content.
  17. Business Ideas: Can work on presenting various business content to people.
  18. Job Review: You can work on various job updates.
  19. Beauty Tips: You can work on various aspects of men’s and women’s beauty.
  20. Gaming News or Updates: Can work with updated news of various popular games.
  21. Airdrop Review Channel: You can work with Airdrop Review.
  22. Amazing Fact Channel: You can work with different Amazin Fact videos like Myazal channel.
  23. Product Price: You can work with price reviews of different products.
  24. Uniqe Content: You can work on highlighting various problems of people’s real life.
  25. Unique Content: Choose a unique content that people want to know about but there are less videos about it on YouTube. Create a channel like that. For example: fact checking of viral news on social media, life journey of tribals etc. (There are very few such Bengali channels on YouTube).

    So guys these were the best 50 YouTube video category ideas. You can work with any of the above category ideas.

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