5 Web Design Trends New Designers May Want to Avoid

While one’s perception of beauty may differ from another’s, everyone can agree that something is ugly!

Your website design introduces you to the world and presents your company brand. You cannot afford to have a subpar website that negatively portrays your business or product in the age of e-commerce and online business.

It can be challenging to recognize the web design trends that professional designers know to steer clear of when you are first beginning your graphic design career. That’s why we bring you some web design trends that are going out of style and other common mistakes to avoid.

Web Design Trends New Designers May Want to Avoid

  1. Using too many stocks photos 

Excessive reliance on stock images can make you appear as an inexperienced designer. In actuality, stock photography is a necessity for graphic designers for their eBook writing services. Unfortunately, not every organization will have the funds or resources to hire a professional photographer for every project. The secret is to make deliberate decisions and avoid overusing the “happy smiling model” in your work. 

Look for photography and visual diversity that reflects the desire for design authenticity. When using stock photography for a design, keep in mind that not everyone needs to be an idealized model gazing directly into the camera. Instead, look for photos that appear authentic and reflect their target audience. 

  • Images in Place of Text 

Are you familiar with the famous saying “Less is More”? Well, in this instance, no. Although it may have a sleek design, a website with little text and many stunning images won’t rank well in search engines. In addition, your website’s SEO will suffer if you use images instead of text. This is because Google and other search engines scan your website for text when they crawl it. 

  • Dark Backgrounds

The use of a dark background can imply chic sophistication. Edgy, current brands look great with designs in black and white. However, you must ensure that you properly implement them if you don’t want to degrade the user experience. 

Readability is the main problem with the white-on-dark layout. If readers struggle to read the content on the page, they will spend less time on your website. As a result, they might bounce off quickly, which would lower your rankings. 

However, this does not imply that You should never use light fonts on dark backgrounds. Instead, find a contrast that is easy on the eyes by simply trying. 

  • Continuous Scrolling 

A well-liked trend and distinctive aspect of Pinterest is its endless downward scrolling of content. However, it might not have the same effect on your audience if it is incorporated into the navigation design of your website. In actuality, users find it quite inconvenient if they have to face a continuous downward scrolling process just to view the web page’s footer content. 

  • Flash introduction 

Another thing that you should strongly ignore is Flash Introduction. Before the visitor can access the website, you must watch the Flash Intro. It is a brief animation that lasts a few seconds to a minute or more. It gained popularity a few years ago when designers recognized it as a fantastic chance to inject some personality into an engaged audience.

The audience isn’t captive, which is the problem; they want instant gratification! Flash intros can drive visitors away from your site if they are brand-new. Suppose a customer has visited your business website and knows what they want. In that case, a flash intro may prevent them from purchasing by being unnecessarily annoying and reflecting poorly on your business. 


While web design trends can give a website a new look and make it seem relevant, they usually only last for a while. So it’s easy for your conversion rate to suffer if you continue to use out-of-date trends, especially if they’re ugly or ineffective. 

However, you can avoid all of this with our list of top 5 bad web design trends. After reading this article, we hope that you avoid making newbie mistakes as a designer. 

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