5 Event Videography Styles to Get Your Audience Replaying Your Videos

Videographers go through a lot of hardships when there is a live event. The reason for that is a live event sometimes brings ‘live’ challenges to them.

It is true that videography is one of the most exciting professions you have these days. Shooting a live event charges up this interest and makes you feel excited to work. But, as videographers, we do need to prepare extra cautiously since we don’t have the opportunity to script the shots here.

It is a live event, and often, we must keep tackling real situations through the videography skills we have learned. One of these skills is to know which style fits what kind of event. Knowing this, you can say you have done your essential homework about an upcoming event shooting project. 

Let’s learn what styles exist.

Shooting Styles for Event Videos, You Should Know

If you have got an upcoming project that you need to take care of it in expert hands, then you need to plan. Sit down, find out possible options to shoot, and look for opportunities to make your event video exceptional.

Although there are videography challenges, there is a financial challenge too that videographers face from time to time. The schedule of a live event doesn’t know alteration. As a videographer, you get little time to prepare for it if you have one or more than one projects in hand. This problem gets even more dramatically painful when you have less gear.

You either need to buy your gadgets or need to rent them from someone. Buying always works better than renting because you can customize your gear to your required settings more.

If this bothers you, then it is financial trouble. You may choose your savings account for a quick purchase. Or else you will have to reach a family member and friend for money, which may only sometimes happen the way you want to. If you choose a financial service such as booking any of the same day cash loans in Ireland, then you can still keep your savings constant. Shoot your video, earn money and pay back by taking your time. It, at least, may help you to feel free from stress before and at the time you shoot.

With the financial worries landing on a solution, we can now focus more on what videography styles we have to keep in mind while shooting an event:

  1. Cinematic Highlight Video

This is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills as a videographer. The reason for that is even videos may not always help a videographer use artistic shooting or stylized approaches. It is because an event is strictly informative. Although there are many events that happen to exist for entertainment, you cannot bring that cinematic feeling to them because the client and the general audience don’t prefer it.

But, for specific events like weddings; parties; thanksgiving; and many more; your client may ask you to make the cinematic video. Although the majority of watchers would like a plain video for an event, many are showing interest in cinematic videos because they are more soothing and exciting and are sometimes more relatable than general event videos. A cinematic video immediately raises the quality of an event many steps higher.

  • B-Roll

You can call the B-roll the secondary shots in a video. They work fine to reduce boredom from the video. Viewers also prefer B-roll footage to find more depth to the video and information on the event.

Shoot the B-roll of the video in cinematic ways if possible. If not, then at least capture steady shots to give a proper view of it. You can shoot people and their candid activities in a live event naturally because this is great B-roll footage to shoot. Also, play with it by shooting other sequences apart from the main event.

  • Mixed Shoot Is Going to Work Fine

It is some hard work if you want to go for a mixed shoot. But the end result will come out as mesmerizing as anyone wants. Be it a generalized event video or a cinematic one. A mixed shoot works fine to diversify the footage and bring storytelling to a good standpoint because you have got the option to shoot a video in different styles.

A mixed video shoot involves sliders; shoulder rigs; tripods; cranes, and, if necessary, the handheld camera. This is definitely a costly setup for a videographer. However, it can gift the professional with a video that may work as a USP for an extended period. To arrange these all in a short period of time, a videographer may book an unsecured personal money loan in Ireland. These loans offer quick cash money without a hard credit check so that you can immediately fund a project you cannot say ‘no’ to.

  • Be Careful with Handheld Shoot

If you speak with a professional videographer, then you will discover there is little need to use the handheld camera. But yes, you may not entirely keep it out of the picture.

For formal events, there is no need to use a handheld camera. For little casual events such as parties, weddings etc. you may use a blending of shoulder rig and handheld camera. In some occasions, like adventure sports, you have to use a handheld camera, though.

  • Say ‘Yes’ to Tripod

Have you ever watched the videos of Ted-Ed? You probably did.

The videographers use a relatively simpler setting to shoot and record these videos. You need a main camera with two other sub-cameras to short it in tripods, changing the cameras from time to time according to parts of the lecture.

To Conclude: Going for Manual Exposure

One parting tip for this post is to shoot videos with manual exposure. Shooting a stage event will hit you with blinding lights. Working with camera exposure tricks may not work as the intensity and colors of light can change.

Keep your exposure manual. Keep looking at your subject. Skip waveforms. Manual exposure aids your camera in shooting efficiently between the bright and dark parts of the event. Arrive at the venue beforehand to have better control over your camera’s manual exposure settings.

Description: Shooting an event is a big thing for the audience and the videographers. Here are some pro styles you can use for shooting events.

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